Secret of the Saucers by Char Esme. $4

20 pages, full color. 11 x 7

Hands down, one of my favorite comics/pieces of art of 2013.  Gives you a rush because of its highly experimental nature, but more importantly is a true pleasure in and of itself. Two men meet for a meal---the smell and texture of the 'sizzling pork dinner' causes one man to have all kinds of reactions. Everything in this comic is really on fire---the characters crouch and bend in uncomfortable poses that are wildly fun to the eye of anyone who cares about expressive drawing. The narrative is a bit that way too: there's a repulsive quality to whats going on but also a wildly bouncy energy to all of it. Esme is a strong storyteller who is making something that is 100% a comic but ignoring any of the rules of comics that would make this any less of a insane triumph.