Rock and Rose #5 edited by Chloe Maratta

$13. Oversized, 18 x 12., 27 pages, photocopied black and white

Hard to do justice to this amazing magazine, edited by Chloe Maratta. This feels like everything you always dream a beautiful zine will be when you pick it up---except this one is, in ambition and creativity, deeper than you'd ever imagine on your own. Bursting at the seams with poetry, photo collages, drawings, a 'style reader' and more, there is a lot to take in. More than anything, it's the attitude that hits you: there is a righteous character on display in all the articles, but without even a small dose of sacchrine ingredients or naivete. Instead, there's a wild creativity beating on every page. This zine could be classified as a punk zine or a fashion zine but the sum is much much more complicated and thrilling than the parts. Order this and sit down with it for a month without exhausting its scope.

NOTE TO CUSTOMERS: This item is larger than other items in our shop, and by request of the author, cannot ship folded. So a slightly higher than avergae shipping rate applies.