Nightcore Energy by Morgan Vogel. $9

We are honored to carry this book from newly returned Organ Bank. We think letting the publisher speak for themselves about this book is best:

'Morgan’s last comic, a 24 page science fiction story about a sensitive, vulnerable boy—treated and manipulated by a mysterious psychiatric professional—his brain utilized to develop product branding. The piece is a larger reflection on psychiatric diagnosis, new-age healers, autism research (sensory integration), occult/schizophrenic experience, chronic-lyme, and Lanza. With a stiff, frightening pen, Nightcore shows us the world of a young man attempting to escape a world he feels fundamentally alienated from by immersing himself in technology—aligning with Morgan’s own experience as a teenage web-artist. Originally released in a small run in 2019 in conjuncture with Pris Genet’s Penetration of the Skin, now available again in an identical format.

Black and white. 80lb “butcher” interiors. Heavy, pink, parchment texture exteriors.6×9'