Lapsos 3 by Inés Estrada. $6

40 digest size black and white pages, color cover

Very exciting to see that one of my favorite cartoonists, Inés Estrada, has started a regular series. Estrada's art has a wild exterior to it, but I've always been struck by the strong storytelling and humane characters that are the anchor of her art. This new series, Lapsos, couldn't be a better new project, since it allows Estrada to tell a long story, which I've always thought her cartooning screamed out for. The series centers on a small cast--a boyffiend and girlfriend plus the boys ex and family. Fans of Estrada should relish this chance to get a nice longish book full of Estrada's figure drawing---her character''s are both cartoony and scratchy. Great stuff and hard to find in the USA! (Please note: these comics are written in Spanish but have English translations printed on each page).